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Faith Healing Parents Watch Their Child Die… but Won’t Be Getting Jail Time for It

11 Jun

This has proven to be quite the controversial topic. Apparently my views on the matter were either not understood by one of the audience ot it just fell under rude unrelenting eyes. However, I stand firm on my opinion. The parents of this 17 year old boy commited manslaughter. Zachery Swezey was only 17 when he developed appendicitis. Instead of being rushed into a hospital emergency room like he should have, Zachery writhed in pain in his bed with his parents praying over him. Appendicitis is an easy fix, and that treatment was one phone call away. How any parent could watch their child cry, tears streaming from their face, and not seek medical attention is abominable. Without the proper medical attention, Zachery eventually died a painful death. His appendix ruptured inside of his body and poison slowly infected his blood supply until he passed away. I understand if someone wants to believe in their faith and religion and trust their God to help them through troubling times, whatever floats their boat. But it is pure ignorance to sit by and let someone die while you wait for “God” to intervine and save their life. God is not your doctor, he is not your surgeon, and he is not the one you should go to when your son is sick. Doctors are doctors. Surgeons are surgeons! A seventeen year old high school junior could still be alive and well, playing sports, looking forward to graduating high school and planning his career if his parents weren’t ignorantly blinded by their own religion. Many people say that this is cultural relativism, and it makes me sick. I don’t believe someone’s religion or their culture should have any significance in the trial. It’s all very simple. Bottom line, a young boy died because his parents neglected him. That is all that needs to be heard. And these parents need to be imprisoned for the murder of their child.




Lawsuit: Principal Retaliated Against Family And Bullied Student Hospitalized For PTSD | The New Civil Rights Movement

7 Jun

A boy, a young middle school boy identified as [M], has PTSD. Post-traumatic stress disorder causes intrusive memories, avoidance and numbing, increased anxiety, and even emotional arousal (hyperarousal). People who have PTSD generally feel emotionally numb, avoid activities they once enjoyed, feel hopeless about the future, have memory problems, find it hard to concentrate, and have difficulty maintaining relationships. They usually are very irritable and angry, have an overwhelming sense of guilt and shame, they tend to resort to self-destructive behavior, have trouble sleeping, are easily startled and frightened, and hear and see things that aren’t really there. Look at this list. Can you even imagine having to live like this? A boy, just a young middle school boy, he will never be the same. Thanks to the bullies at his school and to the adults who were supposed to be there for him in his time of need, [M] is emotionally shredded. This boy will likely never be the same. He has a life full of fear and hopelessness ahead of him, something he can no longer control. Too often bullying will get pushed aside as “boys being boys”, and this is prime example of why anyone who believes that phrase is built of ignorance and should stay far away from any child. Boys will be boys, yes, and sometimes boys take things a little too far. I think that traumatizing a child for life, ruining a child’s life, being such a terrible person that a child is likely to take their own life is a little too far. Anyone involved in this should be absolutely ashamed themselves. The bullies, the adults, the witnesses who encouraged it and the ones who didn’t like what they saw but refused to do something about it. All of them are responsible for this tragic happening. My heart goes out to this boy and his family. I wish you the best of luck and hope nothing but the best for you. As for the little whistleblower who brought this into the light, thank you. You truly are an amazing girl. You are an inspiration and I have so much respect for you. Stay beautiful.