Sarah Jessica Parker’s Obama Ad: NOM Says Clip Implies President Advocates Polygamy And Incest – The Huffington Post

7 Jun

I laughed so hard at this my sides hurt! Oh, Nom… You guys really do know how to make something ridiculous out of nothing. And the award for the world’s craziest bullshitters goes to you! No, but really, this video is definitely something to watch. It depicts Sarah Jessica Parker simply stating that the president and his wife are going to be at her house for dinner on June 14th and that you could have a chance at being there too. Honestly, that is it! All 31 seconds of it. I don’t know if this video has subliminal messages that only bigots can hear or if the radical haters at NOM are just complete morons. Regardless, everyone should watch this video and TRY, just TRY to see where NOM is coming from. Dear NOM, stop making yourselves look like idiots. Sincerely, Everyone. As for everyone who watches this, let me know what you think! Stay beautiful.


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