Elaine Huguenin, ADF, To Appeal Court’s Decision Against Photographer Who Refused To Shoot Gay Wedding – The Huffington Post

7 Jun

Being a gay individual, you probably won’t believe my viewpoint on this one. I, of course, am all about equality, especially for gays. However, this article bothers me greatly. I don’t understand how someone can dislike another human being because of a factor they have no control over. Racism, prejudice… It all infuriates me. However, I believe everyone has their rights. I believe this photographer should have the right to photograph whoever she likes and refuse just the same. It is her right to do so. It bothers me to see that she is so wrapped up in her religion that she would ostracize an entire group, but if that’s how she feels, then that’s how she feels. I don’t agree with her being taken to court because of her beliefs. Now if this woman had rejected the gay couple then abused them physically or verbally, then I would stand behind this 100% feet planted. How I see it, they are trying to take away this woman’s rights, just like they have done to us for so long now. And if this keeps up… How are we supposed to fight anymore? How are we supposed to hold our heads high? Knowing that we have turned into them. Knowing that we have done the same things that we are so pissed about them doing to us. Come on people, stop making us look bad. I would like for everyone to remember that the only way we can win is if we refuse to let them bring us down. No matter the rights that have been taken from me, no matter the abuse I have to endure, I will stay true to who I am. I won’t become who I fight so hard against. Stay beautiful.




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