My First Entry

5 Jun

Alright, here we go! Well this is, as you can see, my very first post! I’m rather excited about this. I have started this blog to express myself, my beliefs, my opinions. Up to this day I have just been using my social networking sites like facebook to do so. Recently I have discovered that this is a highly impractical approach to what I want to do. On facebook I only friend those whom I know personally and, while they do love me, I know they get very tired of my activist personality. I don’t want to talk to my friends about my findings. I want to talk to the world about my findings. I want people who are equally passionate about the same topics to talk to me, leave me comments, argue with me, help me. I want my blogging to become a learning experience, and more often than not that involves an abundance of debate and really pissing people off. I do, however, want to clarify one thing: My goal is not to hurt anyone’s feelings nor undermine anyone. I do not aim to piss anyone off but, being an activist, that just comes with the title. I am looking for constructive criticism from those who have opposing thoughts or beliefs, not hateful responses. My blog will not be a place of hate. I want it to be a safe haven for those who need it. We have enough violence and hate in our everyday lives and that’s one topic I am very passionate about. You will see a lot of posts on my behalf reguarding equality for all. All, meaning the fight for equality between races, gender, orientation, and more than I care to explain on my first post. So if you are an open-minded individual who believes in promoting a better tomorrow, no matter how corny that sounds, stay tuned. And stay beautiful.


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